For Dorothy, it was Oz. For Charlie, the Chocolate Factory. Now, ice cream lovers everywhere have their own fantastical place to play and indulge.

Step inside the Nestlé Ice Cream Imaginarium and set free your imagination, creativity, and undying devotion to this irresistibly delicious treat. It’s here where you’ll #UpYourIceCreamGame and design your own amazing ice cream creation. No base too crazy, no flavor combination too absurd, no topping piled too high. Nestlé's Ice Cream Imaginarium promises to make all your creamy, dreamy ice cream wishes come true.

Completed while working at Match Marketing Group.


Our large mobile footprint will activate in high traffic locations and regional events featuring our one-of-a-kind creation station where consumers can browse the many delicious options and order a custom taste sensation. Upon receiving a text that their order is ready, they may indulge in our whimsical and insta-worthy ice cream inspired seating.

Part art display, part creative stimulus, our digital Wall-A-Mode showcases mouthwatering images from as well as treats created on-site! Beneath guest’s feet are instagrammable squares, perfect for showing off their ice cream concoctions and are encouraged to tag their photos with #UpYourIceCreamGame to be featured. Around the corner, scratch and sniff your way through all the delightful flavors Nestlé Ice Cream has to offer!

The fun doesn’t stop there. We have created a smaller nimble footprint that can easily extend to priority retail accounts.

Brand ambassadors at the event will guide consumers to find the flavor that best speaks to them through a quiz to further collect data.

Retailer and social presence drives consumer purchase of more Nestle Ice Cream, per trip based on motivating snacking ideas and unique consumption occasions.

Custom displays are placed outside the frozen aisle to increase purchase consideration (ie. Bakery, Fresh Produce, Baking Aisle, etc.) All featured ice cream recipes leverage both Nestlé and retail-branded items as basket expanders while driving traffic to the Frozen Aisle.

Initial sketches and concepts for the Nestle Ice Cream Imaginarium large activation footprint.